Manage in-app Feedback notifications

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In-app notifications alert you to any requests or comments that you haven't responded to, allowing you to act more efficiently.

View notifications

To view your notifications, select the bell icon in the top-right corner.


Your notifications are separated into two tabs: Requests and Comments. The filter at the top allows you to view these according to Apps and Product Areas, so you can focus on the data that most interests you. For more information about Product Areas, see Product Areas in Feedback.


The notifications are ordered from oldest to newest. This is so you don't forget about the older requests.

Select the request or comment to view its details.

Remove notifications

To remove a request from your notifications list, you must change the status of the request. You can do this from the notifications page or from the Browse page

To remove a comment notification, you can either respond to the comment, or select the cross icon to the right of the comment in the notifications list.


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