What can you integrate with Pendo Feedback?

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Pendo Feedback's SalesforceJIRAZendesk, and Zapier integrations enable you to easily plug Feedback into your existing processes.


You can integrate Salesforce with Pendo Feedback allowing you to understand market demand and drive growth.

This also increases efficiency between your sales team and your product team, as your customer-facing staff can input product demands and send them directly to your development staff.

Your sales team will no longer have to spend time and effort on communicating the feedback loop with customers, as Pendo Feedback's Salesforce integration can handle that for them.

Learn more about setting up an integration with Salesforce.

For help with setting up your Salesforce integration, head over to our handy set-up guide here. 



Our two-way integration with Zendesk streamlines your request management, freeing up more time for your customer-facing teams to help your customers.

You can effortlessly create a request in Feedback directly through a Zendesk ticket, so that it can be managed right away.

The Zendesk integration also automatically keeps customers in the loop so they know what stage their request is at from the moment they send it. This strengthens the relationship between you and your customers.

Learn more about setting up an integration with Zendesk.



Feedback's JIRA add-on is useful for increasing efficiency between your product and development teams.

When requests reach a certain stage, our add-on automatically creates an issue in JIRA for your development teams to view. 

When issues are dealt with in JIRA they are automatically added to your release log. This lets you easily and quickly communicate new features to customers and internal team members.

Learn more about setting up the integration with JIRA.

For help with setting up your JIRA integration, head over to our handy set-up guide here.



You can connect Feedback to 1000+ other tools and apps with our Zapier integration. 

Common connections include GitHubSlackPivotal Tracker, and Aha!. Setting up these 'zaps' makes it even easier to seamlessly fit Feedback into your current workflow, and it automates a lot of time-consuming manual work.

For help with setting up Zapier, and to see some common templates, head here.


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