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If you use JIRA to manage your software development, our two-way JIRA integration allows you to close the feedback loop for customers and internal users of your product, and improve efficiency between product and development teams. Specifically, the JIRA integration allows you to:

  • Create issues in JIRA when a request reaches a certain stage in Feedback.
  • Link an existing issue in JIRA to an existing request in Feedback.
  • Automatically update the Feedback release log with requests that are complete in JIRA.

This helps you keep Visitors up to date with requests that have been released and ensure that everyone in your organization is aligned in terms of product management and development. Your Visitors can also see a visible impact on your product, improving your relationship with them.

This article summarizes how the JIRA integration works with Feedback. For information on how to integrate JIRA with Feedback, see JIRA add-on setup for Feedback.

Update request status to create a new JIRA issue

Use Feedback statuses to streamline the communication between product and development teams by creating issues in JIRA when you change the status of a Feedback request. For information on changing the status of a request in Feedback, see Request status updates.

When you change the status of a request, you can select Create under project in JIRA, and then add details, including the JIRA project that the issue should belong to, the issue type, a title, and a description.


This automatically creates an issue in JIRA that can then be accessed from the bottom of an individual request under JIRA > Linked issues, which you can find at the bottom of the request. To view the associated ticket in JIRA, select the issue from the dropdown menu under Linked issues.


Link a JIRA issue to a Feedback request

If a request relates to an issue that’s already in JIRA, you can link that request to the JIRA ticket from within Feedback. Scroll to the bottom of the request and select Link issue in the JIRA card. Use the search function in the window that appears to find the issue you’re looking for. Select that issue to link it with the request.


Automatically update the Feedback release log

Any linked request updates in line with where the associated ticket is in your JIRA Workflow. When you transition into Done from a linked JIRA ticket, the associated request updates and appears in the Feedback release log.







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