Product Areas in Feedback

Note: “Groups” was renamed to “Product Areas” in Pendo Insights and Guidance on January 25th. No functionality was changed and no change is required on your side. This is part of our efforts to improve the consistency of terminology across all of Pendo's product lines.


Product Areas in Feedback is an extension of the Product Areas functionality in Pendo Insights and Guidance. Product Areas are categories for organizing your Feedback requests by app and the sections and features you've built into your app. Sort your Feedback requests by Product Area and quickly view, process, and prioritize your requests with the additional context of your app helping you see only the relevant requests. Feedback users can filter requests down to the Product Areas that are relevant to them using the Feedback Global Filter. Feedback requests by Product Area are also visible in Pendo Product Areas and in the Product Requests by Product Area widget on the Dashboard.

Product Areas can be assigned by Feedback users or Visitors in your app when the request is made, or updated manually when processing Feedback requests. Product Areas can be toggled to be visible to Visitors or not if you want more control over assigning Product Areas to your requests. Visitors can use visible Product Areas to filter their own requests and visible requests from other Visitors in their Feedback dashboard to more easily find and vote on Feedback requests for the features they use.

Note: A Product Area refers to part of an app.  A Product Area can only be assigned to a single app when created to ensure Feedback is categorized appropriately.


Product Areas with Pendo Feedback [Runtime: 2:56]




  • Only Feedback Administrator can create and modify Product Areas
  • Feedback Administrators and Managers can edit Feedback requests and assign Product Areas
  • Feedback Administrators, Managers, and Contributors can assign Product Areas when suggesting new Feedback


Create a Product Area

1. Click on Product Settings in Feedback Settings.



2. Click Product Areas in the Settings menu. This opens a list of all Product Areas. This list includes Product Areas from Pendo Insights and Guidance.



3. Click on Pendo Settings to open the Product Areas management list.




4. Click on + Create Product Area to open the Create Product Area modal. All fields are required.



  • Name - Display name for the Product Area in all menus and widgets
  • Color - Color for the Product Area in all menus and widgets
  • App - Single app for this Product Area if on a multi-app subscription
  • Visibility - Control who can see and select this Product Area
    • Team Only - Restricted to Feedback users only, for internal use
    • Team & Visitors - Open to Visitors and Feedback users


5. Click Create Product Area when all required fields are complete to add the Product Area.



Edit or Delete Product Areas

Hover over a Product Area on the Product Area management list in Pendo Settings to display the Edit and Delete buttons.



Edit a Product Area

Click Edit to open the Edit Product Area modal.




Make any changes to the Product Area and click Edit Product Area to save changes.



Delete a Product Area

Product Areas cannot be deleted if they have Feedback requests assigned to them or Features, Pages, Track Events, and Guides assigned to them in Insights and Guidance. A warning will indicate the Product Area cannot be deleted and the number of items that use it.



A Product Area that isn't being used by any items can be deleted in two ways.

Click Delete on the Edit Product Area modal.



Click Delete from the Product Areas management list while hovering over the Product Area.



Assign Product Areas to a Request

When a Team user or Visitor make a request, they have the option to assign an App and Product Area for every Web app in the subscription.

Visitors only see Product Areas with visibility set to "Team & Visitors". Team users can see all Product Areas.


Assign Product Areas as a Team User

Team users can assign Product Areas to a request while submitting a request or editing a request. The Product Areas menu is the same in both places.

1. In a multi-app subscription, select the App in the first drop down menu. The Product Area dropdown menu populates with the available Product Areas for that App.



2. Select the Product Area in the dropdown menu. Selecting a Product Area is optional for Team users and Visitors.


If there are other apps impacted by the request, Add another Product Area. You can add a Product Area for every Web App in the subscription.



3. Click Suggest in a new request or Save Changes while editing to save the request with the assigned Product Areas.

FBPASuggest.png     FBPASaveChanges.png

Note: Even though Product Areas can be assigned to multiple apps in Insights and Guidance, Product Areas can only be assigned to a single app in Feedback requests.


Assign Product Areas to Request as a Visitor

Visitors have the same workflow as Team users when assigning Product Areas to a request. Visitors can only see Product Areas with visibility set to Team & Visitors. These Product Areas are indicated in the dropdown menu with the FBPAEye.png icon.



Filter Feedback by Product Area

The Global Filter filters all Feedback requests by App, Product Area, or no Product Area. The filter is applied to all requests on the Dashboard, Browse, Reports, and Releases pages. Visitors also have access to the Global Filter in the Visitor Dashboard which displays the the Apps and Product Areas visible to them. The Visitor's Global Filter filters submitted requests and Feedback Suggested by Others on the Dashboard.



Click to open the Global Filter, search for certain Apps and Product Areas, select the Apps and Product Areas you want to see. Filter selections are sticky and remain active if you navigate to other pages.

Filter requests with no Product Areas to see all requests without an assigned Product Area, either for all Apps or individual Apps.


Receive Email Notifications Based on Apps and Product Areas

All Team Members can choose to receive an email notification when:

  • A new request is created; or
  • A comment is made on requests that belong to specific apps or product areas.

This is especially helpful if your product team members work on specific applications or product areas. 

Each Team Member has control over their email settings. To receive emails based on apps and product areas, Team Members must log into Pendo Feedback and click the blue icon in the top right. 


From here, they can choose Email Settings and select the apps and product areas they want to subscribe to. 



Product Areas Data in Pendo Insights

Subscriptions with Pendo Insights and Feedback can see Feedback requests on the Product Areas page in Product Insights. New Feedback requests update in Pendo Insights every 15 minutes.



1. Click on a Product Area on the Product Areas page to open Product Area Details.



2. Click the Feedback tab to see all Feedback requests assigned to that Product Area. Click on a request to navigate directly the request in Feedback.



Note: This is only visible with a Subscription to Pendo Insights and Feedback. Customers who only have Feedback cannot use this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Product Areas need to be the same in Feedback and Pendo Insights & Guidance?

Yes, since Product Areas are created and managed in global Pendo settings. However, they are only visible in Feedback when assigned to an App, so leave them unassigned in Pendo Insights & Guidance if you don't want them to show in Feedback. (You can't undo the assigning once it's done.) Remember you can also set the visibility to team only if you don't want your visitors to see the Product Area in Feedback.

Is it possible to make the product area a required field when an end user fills out the form?

No, not currently.

Can my Visitors see requests that are assigned to Product Areas which are not visible to them?

Yes. Only the Product Area will be invisible to Visitors. The requests categorized under these Product Areas will be visible, unless they are set to private.