Seeing "No Data Found" for historical metadata details

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This article provides guidance for when you’re viewing visitor or account details for historical metadata in a Data Explorer report and see No Data Found when the chart shows otherwise.

Product area: Behavior > Data Explorer (web)


If you’re grouping by historical metadata and see a data point in the chart visualization with a click or view count greater than 0, it’s possible that you’ll see a message of No Data Found when you select that data point to view visitor or account information. This can happen if you’re grouping by historical metadata that uses a boolean or number data type.


If a boolean or number data type doesn’t match the value that's sent to Pendo, you see the No Data Found message. This happens if an admin has manually changed the data type to the incorrect format on the Data Mappings page. 


If you expect to see visitor or account information for this metadata field (the chart shows a data point has more than 0 clicks or views), ensure you’re using the correct metadata field with the correct data type. You can verify with your engineering team to ensure that you’re passing the metadata to Pendo with the correct data type.

  • For example, if you have a visitor metadata field such as “inTrial” with the expected values as true and false, we’d expect that field to have a boolean type.
  • In the install script, it should display as visitor: {...inTrial: true...}.
  • If it’s incorrectly formatted as visitor: {...inTrial: “true”...}, Pendo considers this field to have a string type.

If you have no data for a metadata field (0 clicks or views), it’s expected to see the No Data Found message. 


Your engineering team can verify that the metadata you’re sending to Pendo is the correct metadata field to metadata type by doing the following: 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Data Mappings to verify which data type the historical metadata is set to.
  2. Check the Type value to see if it's Boolean or Number (Int).
  3. If the metadata is set up incorrectly, ask your engineering team to update the Pendo install script in your application to the proper format. If they need help with this, they can refer to our Developer's guide to implementing Pendo using the install script.

Pendo is committed to working on solutions that provide the best possible end experiences for users and is actively working on a permanent fix for this issue.  


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