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If you're experiencing a discrepancy or absence of Track Event data in Product > Track Events, there are several steps you can take to address this issue.

Product area: Product > Track Events (web, mobile)

Check the segment and date range

You can typically resolve the issue of missing Track Events in your metrics by adjusting the segment and date range. Ensure that your date range filter is set to the correct time range and that the date range of the last 7, 30, or 180 days doesn't include data from today.

If you're looking for data from the current day, ensure that you're using the "Today" date range or that your custom date range includes the current day.

Check Track Event details

If, after adjusting the segment and date range, you still don't see your Track Event data, check the following:

    • Timestamp. Ensure you're including a current timestamp in milliseconds.
    • Data Delay. Data in Pendo is updated hourly. If data doesn't appear by 15 minutes past the hour, the data processes at the end of the business day and displays the following day. Events with timestamps outside the hourly processing window are processed with daily or weekly event rescanning. Events with timestamps that exceed seven days, occurred before your Pendo subscription was created, or occurred after the Track Event type was created aren't processed. 
    • Exclude List. You can change the segment filter to Excluded Accounts & Visitors to see if your metrics are being filtered by your Exclude List settings
    • Visitor ID. Ensure your Visitor ID isn't affected by the Exclude List. 
    • Include List. If you use an Include List, you must add _apitrackevent_ to the allowed list.
    • Track Event shared secret. This isn't the same as the Installation API key. To find your<Pendo_trackEventSecret_Key>, navigate to your Subscription Settings and choose your app. Under App Details, select Show next to Track Event Shared Secret.
    • Deleted Event. If a Track Event type is deleted from the Track Events UI page, it can't be recreated by sending a new event with the same name. Contact Pendo Support to restore your Track Event.
    • Limitations. Review the limitations in our Configure Track Events article. For example, a Track Event property shouldn't exceed 512 bytes for the JSON properties.

Check the event

Confirm that the event was received by Pendo with a 200 Success message. If the Track Event wasn't processed and you didn't see the success message, try the following to test client-side Track Events:

  1. Right-click on the page where the issue is occurring and select Inspect from the dropdown menu.
  2. In the developer tools, select the Network tab and review for any errors.Inspect_Network.png
  3. Identify the Track Events by either:
    • Looking at Request URLs that end with &type=track.
    • Using the command pendo.flushNow() in the Console tab next to the chevron (>).
  4. Track Events are bundled every two minutes, like click events.

Check your browser console

If you're experiencing issues with client-side Track Events not appearing on the Track Events page, and pendo.track isn't recognized as a function in the console, this is likely due to the Track Event function running before the Pendo agent has loaded.

To ensure the Pendo agent is loaded before the Track Event function is executed, use the following example:

function pendoTrack(name, data) {
   if (pendo && pendo.isReady && pendo.isReady()) {
       return pendo.track(name, data);
   setTimeout(function() {
     pendoTrack(name, data);
   }, 500);

pendoTrack("NAME", { PROPERTY1: "PROPERTY1VALUE", ... });


For more information about Track Events, see our Track Events and Configure Track Events articles and our Track Events Overview and Using Track Events training videos.

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