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This article provides troubleshooting guidance for when your page metrics show zero page views but have visitors registered.

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page view is counted when a page’s URL is loaded. There are two reasons why you might not see page views even though you have visitors registered:

  • Pendo is blocked from displaying. 
  • Pendo isn't installed on the page.

Check filters

When looking at Page metrics, verify that the filters match the date you created the page tag and that the segment is correct. Excluded visitors will not display under the Everyone and Custom segments. 

Check ad blockers 

Ensure that ad blockers are turned off. Ad blockers prevent certain data from displaying on domains.

If you're unable to turn off ad-blockers, you can use CNAME to ensure that events are collected and content is delivered to your users. Check your page tags to ensure that they match the supported URLs. 

Check that Pendo is installed on the page

After disabling ad-blockers, verify that Pendo is installed on the page.

1. Right-click on your website and select Inspect from the dropdown menu.

2. Paste pendo.validateInstall() into the Browser Developer Console.

3. Select Enter to return metadata.

4. If you don't see metadata return, the following error message typically appears, which means that Pendo isn't installed on your page. 


5. Install or update Pendo in your application code. 

For more information about installing Pendo and URLs for Page Tagging, see the Developer's Guide to Installing Pendo and Understanding URLs for page tagging.

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