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Feature Adoption is a dashboard widget that can give you insight on how much your users have been using your product. It also helps you answer which areas of your product that users find the most valuable.


How Do I Add this Widget to My Dashboard?

To start, navigate to you dashboard. Then, click on the “+ Add Widget” button in the upper right-hand corner:


Then, choose “Feature Adoption:”



Then customize your widget with your desired date range, segment, application (if applicable), and desired benchmark.



Widget Interpretation

This widget was designed based on the Pareto Principle - 80% of the output is typically generated by doing 20% of the input. Therefore, this widget will identify which features generate 80% of your click volume within your desired timeframe.

Here is an example of what yours would look like:


Overall Percentage Calculation

Percent of Feature Clicks

This calculation is a straight-forward percent of usage for each feature over the total feature usage over the Date Range specified in the Feature Adoption settings.

To illustrate this calculation, here is an example scenario below where the Total column would represent the Percent of Feature Clicks seen in the widget:

  • Total number of features tagged - 4
  • Date range - a 3 day timeframe
  • Benchmark - 80%


Average Percent of Daily Feature Clicks

The average percentage of clicks per feature is calculated using the percentage of usage for each feature per active day within the chosen date range. Then, the normalized average of these percentages per feature is used to identify the top features that make up the 80% (or your desired benchmark).

To illustrate this calculation, here is an example scenario:

  • Total number of features tagged - 4
  • Date range - a 3 day timeframe
  • Benchmark - 80%

On Day 1, the percentage of click volume for the day is calculated by taking the total number of clicks from all features to find the percentage of a single feature:



If you repeat this over a 3 day period, the data will look like this:


Then, Pendo will get the normalized average of your data:


List of Features

In the widget, the list of features on the right-hand side will generate the list based on % of all clicks in descending order. Using the same example scenarios above for the two metrics Percent of Feature Clicks and Average Percent of Daily Feature Clicks, your top features list will be the top % of clicks that add up to 80%:

Percent of Feature Clicks



Average Percent of Daily Feature Clicks


Note: If the features do not add up to 80% exactly, Pendo will find the features that generate volume as close to 80% as possible. 


After adding the widget, do you see a trend?

A quick way to see a trend is to review what groups you assigned to your features. Do you see what parts of your product your users find more valuable than others at a glance?

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