Track Pendo guide events in Segment

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Create or modify guide template

Below is an example of how you can track Pendo guide events in Segment.

Note: The following assumes you are using standard classes for your dismiss and advance elements.
analytics.track('guideSeen', { guideId:, stepId: });

(function wireGuideAdvanceButton (step) {
    step && step.attachEvent(step.guideElement[0], 'click', function (e) {
        var advanceButton = pendo.dom( || e.srcElement).closest('._pendo-guide-next_');
        if (advanceButton.length) {
            analytics.track('guideAdvanced', { guideId:, stepId: });
        var dismissButton = pendo.dom( || e.srcElement).closest('._pendo-close-guide_');
        if (dismissButton.length) {
            analytics.track('guideDismissed', { guideId:, stepId: });
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