Troubleshooting Checklist

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Below, you’ll find several lists prepared for some of the more common issues our customers face. These checklists act as guidelines to assist in troubleshooting for those who prefer to solve problems on their own. While we love to empower our users to have control and understanding of how to use Pendo, your success is our top priority!

Please note that we do not expect our customers to resolve their own issues. You can contact Pendo Support at any time to receive assistance with any issue you are facing, to provide feedback, ask questions, or just even just to say ‘Hi’! After all, we do love hearing from our customers.

The Guide Center isn’t appearing

Basic Configuration

Please confirm each of the following are true:

Advanced Troubleshooting Items

The below items are intended for more technical users. Please feel free to provide screen captures of the below console command results if you need to contact Pendo Support.

  • Open console and ensure Launcher appears as one of the results when running the following command: pendo._.pluck(pendo.guides, 'name').
  • Pendo is installed in the parent frame if your application uses iframes
  • When opening the developer console, running pendo.guides has results (Note: [ ] is considered ‘no results’) and pendo.validateInstall()shows accurate metadata.

Pendo data is missing or incomplete

Basic Configuration

Please confirm each of the following are true:

Pendo is causing issues for my product

If you determine Pendo is causing issues for your product, contact Pendo Support.

Please confirm each of the following are true:

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