Why do different Pages or Features have the same analytics data?

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Some Pages or Features may have the same analytics data. 

Page analytics

Pages with a similar page structure can be tagged as the same Page, resulting in Pages displaying identical analytics. If you notice that some Pages have the exact same data (# of views/visitors/accounts) in your list of app Pages, we recommend checking it out.




Investigate Pages with the same data

Open each of the Pages displaying matching analytics data in a new tab of your browser and scroll down to Top Visitors list.

If the Visitor list is the same across the Pages displaying the same analytics, there may be a problem with the Page Rule definition. You need to refine it by adding a Custom Identifier. A Custom Identifier can be added when a Page cannot be uniquely identified based on its structure. See Custom Identifiers for more information.

Feature analytics

Features with the same analytics can happen when the Feature rules are identical. Each Feature rule must be managed separately and the rules adjusted. This may require help from an engineer to advise about the best way to define a rule. If there’s nothing unique about either of the Features, the developer will need to add an ID to each of the Features in the app so that Pendo has something unique that differentiates between them. Once there’s a new app version released with that fix, make sure to update that Page (Manage Page → Update Page) and tag those Features.


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