What do I need to do when releasing a new app version?

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Pendo automatically tracks events on your app, regardless of which app version your users are using. This means that you usually don't have to do anything after releasing a new app version to the App/Play stores.

But, if changes have been made to Pages or Features on this new app version, you should update the Page on Pendo as well, so we can collect the analytics for the updated view under the same Page (read more).

Possible changes include:

  • Adding Features to a Page
  • Changing the Page’s structure
  • Changing Features on a Page
  • Changing titles on a Page

If you forget to update the Page, there is a unique feature called Page and Feature Alerts, which alerts you once a new app version has been identified in a Production environment and some Features from previous releases are no longer getting analytics. See Mobile Page and Feature Alerts for more information.

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