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As your app changes and evolves, you sometimes make user interface changes to your app's screens and buttons. 

Pendo's rules are agnostic to most of the user interface changes, meaning that your Page or Feature analytics will keep on working. Pendo also has an analytics 'rule' for each tagged Page and Feature. 

However, there are some changes that require you to capture the Page again to keep seeing analytics for these Pages or Features. During this 'update' flow, Pendo updates the Page and Feature rules to match the change in the application's UI.

Examples of changes in the user interface that require update:

  • Change of a Page's title or change of the selected tab's label
  • A substantial change in the Page's structure in iOS (tab bar, navigation bar, main menu etc)
  • An addition of a new button that you want to tag
  • A major re-design in your app

How do I know if I need to update a Page?

Pendo Page Alerts: Pages with no views in your newest app version

Pendo proactively shows you any Pages that have stopped collecting analytics and displaying guides. See the article on Page Alerts to learn more.  

Pages with low views

Page Alerts shows you Pages that have no views in your newest app versions but you might also need to update a Page if you notice a low number of views, visitors or accounts. This is your sign to investigate. You might need to update the Page (steps below), or the page rule might be too specific. Try going to Manage Page > Page Rules tab and remove the Page Title Identifier. If the Page still shows low views after you’ve done this, contact Pendo Support.

How do I update a Page?

  1. Go to Pages and select your Page.
  2. Select Manage Page in the top right corner and then select Update Page.
  3. If your device is not yet connected, connect your device and follow the instructions to capture this Page again.


Note: You can perform this flow at any time. You will not lose analytics because analytics are retroactive.

Help us locate Features that changed

After updating a Page, Pendo attempts to locate all the previously tagged Features of the Page. If we fail to find any of them, we ask for your help.

  • If a Feature still exists on the Page, select Update and select the Feature again on the Page’s screenshot. The Feature's rule is updated to match both the old and the new appearances of this Page.
  • If there are still some unidentified Features on a Page, an alert show as a reminder. To stop the alert, update these Features.



Frequently asked questions

Should I do this with each new app version I release to the store?

No! Thanks to our Page identification mechanism,  you usually don't need to do anything in Pendo after upgrading your app. Analytics and guides will keep working.

This flow is required when your app changes and, as a result, the Page rule or Feature rule that Pendo uses does not identify the revised Page or Feature correctly. You'll be able to see that this is happening by identifying that your analytics numbers decrease for a specific Page or Feature. You can proactively verify that everything is still working by updating the Page after you make some visual changes in your app.

I see a message of 'Page does not match' after the update. Why?

This message shows when we identify that the Page you've just captured does not match its original Page's 'rule'. We want to ask you to make sure that you've indeed updated the correct Page.

After verifying that you are working on the correct Page, go ahead and select Update Anyway to continue with the flow.

What happens if my Page changes and I don't update it?

If you keep the Page as is, it means that it is using a page rule that might not match its new appearance. In this case, this Page doesn't collect analytics from the new app versions of your app. Expect to see a drop in the analytics of this Page around the time you released the new app version.

If you see this happening, update the Page to make sure. 

It's important to note that you will never lose analytics because of an app Page or Feature change. Analytics are always sent from the device. As soon as you update the Page, you will start seeing the correct analytics count.

Why am I getting this error 'Different Page Captured'?

Sometimes when capturing the Page, you might see this error indicating that the newly captured Page matches a different Page than the one you are now editing. If this is not the case, contact Pendo Support.


Can you notify me when I need to update?

Yes, learn more about our Page Alerts. 

How are advanced tagging rules relevant to my React Native applications?

In React Native, the title of the Page is usually known at the Javascript level, so Pages should generally be identified correctly by the automatic rule assigned by Pendo.

  • Usually, a custom identifier isn't needed.
  • Also, the Page title isn't identified for React Native iOS Page, so the option to include the Page title isn't available.
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