Text Block Widget Overview


The Text Block Dashboard widget adds free text fields to your Pendo Dashboards allowing you to include important context alongside your Pendo data. The Text Block widget supports all the editing tools you need to add structured text with headings, emphasis, and lists. This additional context makes your Dashboards a powerful collaboration tool when you present your data to colleagues in shared Dashboards.

Start your Dashboard with an introduction and executive summary. Explain key findings and highlight insights as you present Data Explorer charts, Guide Experiment results, and NPS data. Document your next steps to communicate how your product data translates into follow-on actions.




  • Any Pendo user can add the Text Block widget to their Dashboard

Configure the Text Block Widget

Add the Text Block widget to the Dashboard.


You can add multiple Text Block widgets and drag-and-drop to move them anywhere in your Dashboard. This is useful for dividing your Dashboard into sections and adding important context to the data in each of those sections.


Edit Text Block Widget


The Text Block widget has most of the formatting available in a basic word processor using a WYSIWYG editor and familiar action bar buttons. Keyboard shortcuts are supported for most commands. The Text Block widget is based on markdown and supports many markdown formatting commands.

Save changes by clicking the checkmark button or clicking outside of the Text Block widget. Click the X button to discard changes.


The action bar has most basic formatting options:

  • Heading, subheading, and paragraph formatting
  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Bulleted lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Text color


Keyboard shortcuts are available for common commands:

  • Bold - (Ctrl or Cmd) + B
  • Italics - (Ctrl or Cmd) + I
  • Underline - (Ctrl or Cmd) + U
  • Strikethrough - (Ctrl or Cmd) + Shift + X
  • Bulleted list - (Ctrl or Cmd) + Shift + 8
  • Numbered list - (Ctrl or Cmd) + Shift + 7
  • Heading - (Cmd + Option or Ctrl + Alt) + 2
  • Subheading - (Cmd + Option or Ctrl + Alt) + 3
  • Paragraph - (Cmd + Option or Ctrl + Alt) + 0
  • Undo - (Cmd or Ctrl) + Z
  • Redo - (Cmd or Ctrl) + Shift + Z


Markdown commands are available for additional formatting. Not all markdown commands are supported. Subheadings, links, images, automatic code blocks, escaping backticks (``), and HTML are not supported with markdown commands.

  • **bold** or __bold__
  • *italics* or _italics_
  • ~~strikethrough~~
  • 1. Ordered Lists
    2. Item 2
    3. Item 3
  • -Unordered Lists
    -Item 2
    -Item 3
    *Unordered Lists
    *Item 2
    *Item 3
    +Unordered Lists
    +Item 2
    +Item 3
  • #heading
  • `code`
  • > Block quotes, add another > to make nested block quotes
  • --- full-width horizontal line
  • \ escape syntax