Net Promoter Score (NPS) Widget Overview

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The Net Promoter Score widget allows you to put various categories of NPS response data on the Dashboard. The various widget types are:

  • Distribution
  • Trends Over Time
  • Responses
  • Usage by Score
  • NPS Breakdown
  • Theme Distribution

All of these reports are available on the NPS Overview page, but with the NPS widget, you can add any of them to your Dashboards. Use additional filters to contextualize your NPS responses with the rest of the product usage data shared on the Dashboard. Centralize your NPS trends and product insights in one view to discover patterns in user sentiment and usage and share your findings with colleagues.



  • Any Pendo user can add the Net Promoter Score widget to their Dashboard
  • NPS surveys with response data in the subscription

Note: Every NPS survey in the subscription, with any status, will be available in widget settings but response data is required to populate the widgets.


Configure the NPS Widget

Add the Net Promoter Score widget to the Dashboard.


You can add the Net Promoter Score widget multiple times with different widget types and filters. Set up Dashboards by account, app, time period, or align to the usage of certain features and pages.


Edit Net Promoter Score Widget

The NPS widget has various types available, selected in the Edit Widget modal when the widget is added or an existing widget is edited. There are additional options for filtering the NPS response data presented in the widget. Not all filters are available for each NPS widget type.


  • Name - Display name for the widget, the name of the selected NPS survey is appended to the end of the name automatically
  • NPS Widget Type - Distribution, Trends Over Time, Responses, Usage By Score, NPS Breakdown, Theme Distributions
  • NPS Survey - The NPS survey response data used in the widget, all NPS surveys in the subscription are listed
  • Channel - Filter responses by the channel used to submit the response; In-app + Email, In-app only, or Email only
  • Account - Filter to a single account from a list of all account IDs in the subscription
  • All Time - Toggle date range off and use all responses ever, only available for Distribution and Responses
  • Date Range - Date range when responses were submitted, available options are today, yesterday, last 30/60/90/180 days, and custom up to 180 days
  • View Timeframe By - Group responses in the visualization by Daily, Weekly, or Monthly increments, only available for Trends Over Time and Usage by Score
  • Segment - Segment used to filter responses by visitors or accounts


Select Save to add your Net Promoter Widget to your Dashboard.


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