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Pendo Feedback allows you to receive, analyze, and respond to product requests from internal teams, prospects, and customers, in one location. 

You can automatically respond to users when you review their requests in Feedback, segment your product feedback to understand what to build next, and use Feedback data to back up your product decisions. 

Feedback with Analytics and Guides

If you’re also using Pendo Analytics and Guides, you can bring together quantitative and qualitative data. You can:

Beyond these benefits, there are specific use cases and ways of using Feedback that suit the needs of your team, your role, and your responsibilities.

Customer-facing teams

Customer-facing teams know the product well and are comfortable speaking with customers. Feedback allows customer-facing teams to collect prioritized demand from your Visitors, internal teams, and prospects, and to strengthen customer relationships. 

Depending on your approach, you might use Feedback on behalf of Visitors or you might prefer to send Visitors to Feedback to self-serve. Regardless of your approach, Pendo Feedback provides customer-facing teams with a central location for collecting, reviewing, and reporting on requests from customers and prospects. This allows customer-facing teams to:

  • Make requests and stay updated. Look up the status of a request, follow up with prospects as their requests are updated and released, and automatically keep customers in the loop.
  • Track and report on requests. View customer and prospect requirements and priorities, and see what’s been released for each Account.
  • Capture day-to-day use cases and pain points. Understand what the market wants, see how priorities change over time, and help product teams decide what to build next.

For more detailed use cases, see Feedback for customer-facing teams.

Product teams and managers

Product teams consist of people who need to know what your users want from your product to inform the product strategy. Feedback allows product teams and managers to collect requests from your customers and then use this feedback to research a specific theme or project. This allows you to balance the feedback you collect with your strategy and judgment.

Pendo Feedback helps you to conduct directed, purposeful research around the product areas you want to improve. Using Feedback you can control which requests you analyze and can be confident that you're building the right things because product teams and manager can:

  • Access and analyze prioritized data. Use Pendo Feedback’s Browse page and reporting features to automate the product management process, from reviewing ideas to product development and launch.
  • Make data-driven decisions. Use the analysis to ensure that product, engineering, and leadership teams are working on the right things, and to plan the product roadmap based on what their customers or prospects are asking for.
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks. Take advantage of Feedback's request management and prioritization tools to free up more time for planning and building.

For more detailed use cases, see Feedback for product teams and managers.


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