Fix Pages in your app with no or low views

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When a Page shows no views, it might mean the Page rule is too specific. To correct this issue, you can generalize the Page Rule by removing any custom identifiers or excluding the Page title from the rule and checking the results. The Page title should be included in the rule only if it uniquely identifies the Page across all your users. 

Identify Pages with no or low analytics

To identify Pages with no or low analytics, view your Pages list in Pendo and check the number of views, Visitors, and Accounts.

Fix Pages with no or low views

Possible cause: Page title

  1. Select the Pages with no or low data and select Tag pages.
  2. Go to the Page Rules tab.
  3. Check whether the Page's title is included in the rule. If so, remove the Page Title (inclusion of Page title is currently available for iOS only).
  4. Verify that the number of Page views looks right.


3.pngPossible cause: Page needs updating

If updating the Page title doesn't work, check whether there was a new app version release. If the Page's structure changed with the new app version, Pendo can't collect data until you update the existing Page. 

To start collecting data for both your previous and new versions of the Page:

  1. Select the page with the low-to-no data and select Tag Pages.
  2. Select Update Page
  3. Use a device running your latest app version and tag the new version of that Page.

For more information, see How to Fix Mobile Pages that Stopped Collecting Data.


Note: You must also locate the Features of this Page.

For information on how Pendo SDK works, see Mobile Tagging - Technical Info. If you need more guidance, contact our Support team.

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