Recipe: Know What to Build Next (with Feedback)

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Product innovation is key to customer retention, competitive advantage, growth. Knowing what to build next will increase your chances of finding product-market fit faster because you can deliver the right features faster, increase retention and growth, accelerate customer time-to-value, and maximize engineering time spent on building the right things.

Product managers don’t necessarily need a fully-baked, step-by-step framework to tell them how to do their jobs — they need good tools, and (more importantly) good habits for utilizing those tools to drive results.

How to Make It

Step by step instructions for setup

  1. Take an inventory of all the places feedback is currently being taken and condense sources of feedback into one source of truth 
    • Set expectations both internal and externally with your product feedback policy
    • Start with internal trainings to ensure all Feedback is being entered in a central location
    • When ready to take Feedback live to customers, announce it with in-app guides and a blog post
    • During live meetings, either direct customers to the Feedback portal or enter requests on behalf of the customer on the spot via Salesforce integration
  2. Understand current product usage 


    • Use Data Explorer to ask and answer questions. The chart below is an example of a report you can build in Data Explorer. It helps show how many visitors who have visited a page and have also used a feature, by role: 


3. Use qualitative and quantitative inputs to generate themes around potential product improvements

4. Validate core themes with customers 


5. Prioritize potential new features

6. Communicate releases with customers

  • Update your Roadmap to keep users up to date with what’s coming.
  • For maximum impact, display in-app feature announcements to relevant users to drive adoption. Make sure you specify the appropriate audience by including the segment.
    Tip: If you have multiple in-app guides already public, make sure you are determining the right cadence and priority using guide throttling and ordering
  • Use Pendo’s Resource Center to keep a log of all product updates in our “Announcements” module:


Read how Pendo’s product managers use Feedback!

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