Recipe: Know What to Build Next

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Product innovation is key to customer retention, competitive advantage, growth. Knowing what to build next will increase your chances of finding product-market fit faster because you can deliver the right features faster, increase retention and growth, accelerate customer time-to-value, and maximize engineering time spent on building the right things.

Product managers don’t necessarily need a fully-baked, step-by-step framework to tell them how to do their jobs — they need good tools, and (more importantly) good habits for utilizing those tools to drive results.

How to Make It

Step by step instructions for setup:

  1. Take an inventory of all the places feedback is currently being taken and condense sources of feedback into one source of truth 
  2. Understand current product usage: 
  3. Use data explorer to ask and answer questions. The chart below is an example of a report you can build in Data Explorer. It helps show how many visitors who have visited a page and have also used a feature, by role. 


4. Use qualitative and quantitative inputs to generate themes around potential product improvements

5. Validate core themes with customers:

    • Use polls and surveys to validate hypotheses about what you’re seeing in the product usage and what you’re hearing anecdotally:


6. Prioritize potential new features

  • Assess the potential revenue of each feature by looking at your feature request data impact and consider the level of effort 

7. Communicate releases with customers:

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