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These release notes provide a list of changes in Guides that affect you as they occur, so you can learn about important changes quickly before diving into the relevant documentation.

May 2024

Create funnel from guide details

You can now create a funnel report directly from a guide's details page within the Guide Goal section if you have Analytics as part of your Pendo subscription. This allows you to measure how guides are impacting conversion for a given process, over a specific date range, for a specific segment, or related to multiple events (for example, Page views, Feature clicks, other guide interactions). For more information, see Set guide goals.

April 2024

Use AI for guide localization

You can leverage AI to simplify the localization of your guides into any of the languages that are supported in your app. This reduces the need for localization teams to manually update XLIFF files to languages required for localization of your guides. For more information, see Localize your guides using AI.

Use AI for guide creation

You can use AI to generate and build guide components in the Visual Design Studio, where you can edit the guide for tone, accuracy, and completeness.The AI functionality uses your guide name and associated app as prompts, along with other information you provide, including the maximum number of steps in your guide, the goal or purpose of the guide and the tone of the guide. For more information, see Create guides using AI.

February 2024

Edit the global CSS

You can edit the global CSS in the Visual Design Studio to customize the styling of your guides and Resource Center. This is done at the application level. For more information, see Edit the global CSS in Visual Design Studio.

January 2024

Specify a starting step with Launch Guide

You can specify which step to launch when using the Launch Guide button action. This gives guide builders more control over which paths to lead their end users through and removes the need to duplicate guides. See the Launch Guide section in Guide button actions.

Responsive guides

You can now design your guides to be responsive. When viewing a guide in a browser window, the layout adjusts to the screen of the device it's viewed from. Define fluid widths for a guide and then preview the guide in a browser window that mimics the screen ratios of a device. For more information, see Create a responsive guide.

December 2023

NPS insights AI activity log

You can now reassign a response to a theme in the AI activity log. See the View AI activity messaging section in Manage NPS themes and insights.

November 2023

Anchor guide to existing Feature

You can now anchor a guide to an existing tagged Feature. This provides more stability for the positioning of guides and badges because tagged Features remain on a Page even if you make changes to the Page. For more information, see the Guide container section in Get started with Visual Design Studio.

October 2023

Guides writing assistant

The guides writing assistant uses Pendo AI to summarize, expand, or refine your guide's textual content inside the Visual Design Studio during guide creation. It checks for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, tone detector, and enhances vocabulary using AI. For more information, see the Building block types section in Add guide content using building blocks.

NPS insights (open beta)

NPS insights uses Pendo AI to automatically generate NPS themes and assign responses to themes. Themes are automatically generated and assigned when there is at least one active NPS survey with a minimum of 600 textual responses in English. For more information, see NPS Insights.

NPS insights - Automatic generation of summary of theme responses (open beta)

NPS insights now uses Open AI to automatically generate theme summaries. The language model bases the summary on selected filters and the time frame of the responses. Theme summaries are generated when there is at least one active NPS survey. For more information, see the View summary of theme responses section in NPS Insights.

NPS insights -  Automatic theme title enhancement (open beta)

NPS insights now uses Google Generative AI to automatically enhance theme titles for newly generated themes. For more information, see NPS Insights.

September 2023

NPS Insights - AI activity messaging

AI activity messaging lets you see how Pendo AI has been learning from your actions to assign and reassign themes to responses. For more information, see the View AI activity messaging section in NPS Insights.

NPS Themes - Bulk assign and remove themes from responses

You can now assign and remove themes from multiple responses in the Responses table. For more information, see NPS Themes or NPS Insights

August 2023

Support for Video format using Microsoft Stream (on Sharepoint)

Pendo now supports Microsoft Stream (on Sharepoint) as a video format. For more information, see the Video section in Add guide content using building blocks.

Time-based segment rules for guide views

You can now create segment rules based on when a visitor viewed a specific guide. Previously, options were limited to Viewed = ever and Not Viewed = ever. Now, you can also choose Last Viewed and specify operators like since, beforewithin lastnot within last, and between along with specific dates or days. Additionally, for Viewed, you can now select at least and at most to indicate the minimum and maximum number of times a guide was viewed by a visitor. To learn more about segment rules, see Segments.

July 2023

Quick access to responses of NPS Themes

This feature has been updated with additional functionality. When you access the responses in a theme, you can now sort and filter the responses, edit the theme name, and reassign or unassign a theme for a response. For more information, see NPS Themes.

Support for right-to-left languages in the Resource Center

The Resource Center now supports the use of right-to-left languages (RTL). If your website's UI uses an RTL language, you can select the same language for the Resource Center so that the layout, text, badge and alert badge, and other elements in the Resource Center match the text direction of the website. To learn more, see Use right-to-left languages in the Resource Center.

June 2023

Quick access to responses of NPS Themes

You can now quickly access and review responses assigned to a theme by selecting it in one of the main NPS Themes widgets. For more information, see NPS Themes.

May 2023

Design guides for right-to-left languages 

You can now design guides for use with right-to-left languages. To learn more about the design capabilities, see Design Guides for right-to-left languages.

Add a CSS class to a Theme

You can now add a CSS class to a guide at the guide’s container level so that it inherits styling from your application’s stylesheet. This is done inside a Theme so the class can be applied across many guides. For more information, see the Add a CSS class to a Theme section in Pendo Themes.

NPS themes

With NPS themes, you can now organize and analyze NPS responses faster and generate more actionable insights. Using themes, you can identify commonalities of promoters/detractors and sort your responses into custom themes. This will help you to make sense of large amounts of NPS data for faster analysis. For more information, see NPS Themes.




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