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These release notes provide a list of changes in Mobile that affect you as they occur, so you can learn about important changes quickly before diving into the relevant documentation.

April 2024


Heatmaps are now available in your mobile app as part of Suggested Features. The heatmap improves time to value for Feature tagging by providing a snapshot of the click frequency of elements in the previous 36 hours, showing how much engagement each suggested Feature has received. For more information, see Suggested Features in Tag Features in your mobile app.

February 2024

SDK 3.1.0

SDK version 3.1.0 has been released and includes support of new navigation APIs for SwiftUI and support for SwiftUI on iOS 17.

January 2024

Suggested Features (closed beta)

Pendo now offers a list of suggested Features in your mobile app based on visitor engagement with elements in your application for you to review, tag, or delete. For more information, see the Suggested Features section in Tag mobile Features.

November 2023

SDK 3.0

SDK version 3.0 has been released together with the following Mobile improvements:

  • SwiftUI framework code-less support to General Availability.
  • SDK support for Full Customer Journey (Anonymous to Known).
  • Flutter code-less support for page tagging and page view guide activation for design partners.
  • Simplified RN integration and improved API experience.

For more information, see all the developer documentation in Github.

July 2023

Test your guide on a device

The Preview button has been replaced with the Test button to allow for a quicker and smoother process for testing your guide for Mobile. For more information, see Test the guide on a device.

Mobile Track Event Guide activation

You can now activate guides via a specific property of a track event mid-session. For more information, For more information, see Guide activation methods.

Xamarin support for .NET 7

Xamarin now supports .NET 7. For more information, For more information, see Supported mobile frameworks and OS versions.

screenContentChanged() public API method

A new Public API method, screenContentChanged(), for Pendo Class Public API - SDK Version 2.22+ has been added. For more information, see React Native Developer API Documentation (iOS & Android).

May 2023

Automatic Feature tagging

You can now let Pendo tag all the Features on a page for you. For more information, see Tag Mobile Features.

Automatic framework detection

Pendo now identifies the mobile framework of an app after the developer integrates it. This feature eliminates confusion when adding a mobile app to a subscription, providing the developer with the correct installation instructions. Non-technical users can now simply select the app, allowing developers to choose the relevant install instructions from Github. Pendo automatically sets the install framework once integration is complete. For more information, see Add a mobile app.

March 2023

Below the fold

You can now tag Features on your Page that are below the fold. This is done by using multiple captures of a Page and tagging the Features in each one. Analytics are collected continuously, so you can keep tagging additional captures and Features as required. For more information, see Tagging Features below the fold.

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